[Histonet] Help with Lung architecture

Geoff McAuliffe mcauliff <@t> umdnj.edu
Tue Jun 6 15:24:49 CDT 2006

Perhaps you could use fumes from paraformaldehyde or acrolein to fix the 
cells in place. If you hook the animal up to a respirator and have some 
sort of resevoir with the fixing fumes in it (under a hood of course) 
you might be able to retain the cells you are interested in.


Alejandro Ortiz Stern wrote:

> Hi,
> I am currently searching for a protocol to maintain Lung structure
> intact while avoiding intra tracheal instillation of liquids since I am
> very interested in cells that lie in the outer-most layers of the lung
> (cells that would normally become detached upon lung lavage) Or if such
> cells remain attached during paraformaldehyde instillation or OCT
> instillation that would also be very valuable information (I have no 
> idea).
> If anyone has any suggestions, or knows how to fix/cut air inflated
> lungs (for example if the trachea is closed before the opening of the
> thoracic cavity or so) I would be extremely grateful for the advise.
> The idea is to use these sections for confocal microscopy.
> Thank You All in advance.

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