[Histonet] Anti roll plate on IEC plus cryotome, need help

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Mon Jun 5 16:39:21 CDT 2006

The antiroll plate for this old IEC was probably developed for use with c 
profile steel knives.

I suggest you take the plate off and learn to do frozen sections using a 
sable brush, or some type of brush that works best for you. A very nice 
tutorial on how to use brush technic is found at www.pathologyinnovations.com

Talk to a technical services person at Triangle Biomedical Systems (?) 
(TBS) about a different or workable antiroll plate or before you spend the 
money on a device that will be useless. TBS has a website and they sell IEC's.

Personally, we prefer no antiroll plate and do brush technic for 99% of our 
cryostat work  - it is faster, no readjustment of plates, etc.

At 02:02 PM 6/5/2006, you wrote:
>Hi, histonet friends,
>We have an old IEC plus cryotome. We changed to a disposable blade system. 
>According to the IEC plus mannual, we adjust the anti roll plate. However, 
>we tried couple sectioning, the section always curved and get folded. I 
>used different crytome, for all of them, there is only small angle (or 
>space) between blade holder and anti roll plate where secion go through, 
>that section can not be folded after leave the block. However for IEC 
>plus, it really has big angle according to their description. I think 
>someone know what I am talking about if he used this model. Can someone 
>share his experience on this? Also, we are going to change the anti roll 
>plate, can someone kindly let us know which product will fit to this 
>model. We appreciate very much.
>Ze Lu, Ph.D.,
>Optimum Therapeutics, LLC
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