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Timo Väisänen timo.vaisanen <@t> oulu.fi
Mon Jun 5 08:53:32 CDT 2006

Dear all,

Has anyone encountered the following problem? The surface of newly embedded
paraffin blocks start to become concave only after few days. This is not a
problem with normal tissue specimens but with for example small biopsies the
uneveness creates difficulties. Biopsies on the edge of the block run out if
you try to trim the block enough to get the samples in the middle of the block
to the same section with the other samples. I quess paraffin can contract but I
have always thought that this takes years. Could there be something wrong with
the paraffin? Any suggestions?   
Thank's in advance,


Timo Väisänen PhD 
Oulu University Hospital
Department of Pathology

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