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Dear Paula,

You presumably mean ER/PR IHC scoring system rather than ISH. The key
element in the ER IHC scoring is the percentage of the nuclear staining.
Like many other labs, we set a "positive" ER result at a minimum of 5%
nuclear staining. The scoring includes "-" (<5%), "+" (5%~30%), "++"
(30%~80%) and "+++" (>80%). We also incorporate staining intensity as well,
but this will be recorded with reference to our positive control. Our ER
control is tissue array-based, which contains three cases of "-~+", "++" and
"+++" ER expressers. We produce these and other IHC control arrays. If you
want to have a try, I can send you some of the ER test control

Other people may use 10% of nuclear staining as the threshold for ER
positivity. However, NIH recommends that any positive nuclear ER staining is
considered as a positive result. 


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We use Dr. Craig Allred's scoring system (see Mod Pathol
1998;11(2):155-168) for ER/PR.  What do you mean by "ISH"?


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>>> "Paula Wilder" <histo20 <@t> hotmail.com> 06/02/06 4:13 PM >>>
Hello Histonet!

Can anyone help me with this CAP question?  Our pathologist would like to
know how everyone scores their ER/PRs and ISH.  Any help would be greatly

Paula Wilder
St. Joseph Medical Center
Towson, MD 21204

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