[Histonet] IHC for pancreatic trypsin

Andi Kappeler kappeler <@t> patho.unibe.ch
Thu Jun 1 08:55:36 CDT 2006

I am looking for an antibody against pancreatic trypsin that will work on 
FFPE tissue (--> acinar cell carcinoma, pancreas). Any suggestions? A paper 
by Ohike et al. (Virchows Arch 2004; 445:231) indicates a monoclonal 
(clone??) from Ventrex Labs, Portland OR, however I have difficulties in 
locating Ventrex on the web (or otherwise). Does anybody have contact 
information for Ventrex? Thanks a lot!

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland 

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