[Histonet] re: bone section problem

caron fournier caron_fournier <@t> yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 31 12:57:42 CST 2006

  anyone out there doing bone sectioning and grinding. I am having a problem with some of the sections not taking up stain in certain areas but another sample on the same section works fine. Staining is done the same and yet they are not uniform. Has anyone had any problems with the Technovit glue coming through into the section and affecting the staining after they are ground down to 25 microns? The stain being used is for the calcified bone and areas look like someone has taken an eraser and erased the stain along lines in the cortical bone. Also, on some sections the edges of the section are lifting and the toluidine blue stain is bleeding under the section and into the glue. Any suggestions?
  Thank you,

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