[Histonet] in vitro skin Fb staining w/vimentin

Birthe Schnegelsberg schnegelsberg <@t> xgene.com
Fri Jan 27 12:29:55 CST 2006


I am staining cells in in vitro skin with the fibroblast specific marker
vimentin to differentiate between fibroblasts and keratinocytes.

I am able to detect fluorescent signals in the tissue. The staining pattern
and the cell localization makes me wonder though, if the staining is in fact
specific fibroblast staining or if the antibody (immunon) picks up dead cell

Does anybody have experienece using vimentin as a marker for fibroblast
The staining pattern of the positive control looks different than that for
the singel cells in the in vitro skin?!

Thanks, Birthe

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