[Histonet] Nalgene wash tanks set inside carts (it's an off the wall question..sorry)

Victoria Baker vbaker60 <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 15:24:22 CST 2006


This question is aimed at facilities that have a
central washroom and staff for cleaning and

I'm in search of a cart that I can insert a 30gallon
Nalgene wash tub into.  A regular cart won't work
because of the height (cart + tank)being too high. 
Where I work I have seen these tanks inserted into
carts that fit the dimensions, but no one knows where
they were purchased from.  I've looked at Labconco,
Nalgene, Rubbermaid and searched on the web without
any luck.  Does anyone have something like this.  The
dimensions of our tank is 34"L X 19"W X 36"H.  I wish
I could attach a picture but it's not possible.  If
anyone has something like this or any information I
would really appreciate it.


Vikki Baker
Lab Manager
The Godfrey Lab
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

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