[Histonet] Paraffin cleaning product

ana.merino-trigo ana.merino-trigo <@t> wanadoo.fr
Thu Jan 26 12:22:37 CST 2006


I was wondering if anyone could suggest me a product to clean residues of paraffin in microtome, bench, tools... When working in Europe I was using a product "SafeSolv" from Labonord. In my actual lab at San Diego, they cannot order from this company and I'm not aware about products that I could find here. I search on the web "safesolv" and it comes several things, one is this link http://www.washwax.com/fc_purchase.html, could you please let me know if any of this products will do the job? I could use xylen to clean but microtome it's not on the hood to be using xylen and I don't have a easy access to a hood for this purpose. 

Thanks a lot, 


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