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Thu Jan 19 12:55:34 CST 2006

  Try to isolate the slides as much from air as you can. Inside a plastic box (those that
  can contain 25 slides) sealed in a pouch with as less air as possible and in a
  refrigerator will be the best option.
  In a paper I wrote (JOH 28(2):89-97, 2005) I was able to demonstrate that "normal" storage of slides in the lab. environment for more than 6 weeks reduces epitope reactivity in a statistically significant way.
  René J.

"Orr, Rebecca" <ROrr <@t> enh.org> wrote:
  Hello everyone,

I need to store unstained slides for what might be 6 months to a year.
These slides may be used for some IHC staining. I do not know what
anibodies, but I would imagine they are not the ones used in a routine
clinical lab setting.

I have some options, for storage, please give opinions.

Store the slides in a slide mailer, then wrap in foil and place in -80

Or one of my pathologists talked about coating each unstained slide in a
layer of paraffin. Has anyone done this technique?

I would assume that I just cut, dry, then melt the slide, then dip the
slide in paraffin?

Many thanks for your help.


Becky Orr CLA,HT(ASCP)

IHC Lead 

Evanston Northwestern Healthcare


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