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Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 10:11:43 CST 2006

Dear Connie:
  I am concerned about your posting. On the one hand it is a grave mistake if undetected because it can affect patient care. On the other hand I think that you 
  should try to determine the cause of the problem befora taking any action.
  1- was the HT trained correctly to begin with?
  2- has this type of mistake by her being a long standing issue or is it something new?
  3- if is a long standing problems, why it has been allowed to continue?
  4- what has been done, talking with her, to find if there is a personal underlying cause?
  5- if it is something new, does she have a personal problem that makes her make more mistakes now than before?
  Your mission is not that of a psichyatrists or social worker, your mission is to provide a work environment conducent to a work of high quality and to provide to your staff
  with what they need to accomplish that goal. This means that you don't have to go around trying to get involved in their personal lives (this would be extremely counterproductive) but you have to be sure to identify problems to address them correctly.
  When you have found the cause of the problem, then you should try to solve it (if it is
  related to the job only).
  Once you have done that then you can begin taking disciplinary actions under the
  guidance of your Human Resources department that for sure has a protocol.
  Retraining, verbal and written counselings that could lead to temporary suspension or even termination are all steps that could be taken if deemed appropriate and admisible and only if you have very well defined competencies and standards of performance, known to all and acknowledged as received to be followed.
  Now a piece of advise: never make an employee to feel dreadful or to curse the
  moment that she or he has to go to work.
  This will only worsen performance and will also create a umpleasant environment.
  Please excuse me this very long answer but it is the case that "I have been there" and "I have done that".
  Hope this will help you (and your histotech as well)!
  René J. 

connie grubaugh <conniegrubaugh <@t> hotmail.com> wrote:
  We need any and all suggestions to implement a disciplinary plan for slide 
labeling errors. 99% of the time the errors are caught by the person that 
is labeling the slides and checking them with the blocks and reports before 
they leave the lab. But we have a on going problem with one tech that 
mislabeled slides or does not label them at all. We process around 400 
blocks a day and on a regular day there can be any where from 2-8 cases of 
slides that are mislabeled. Since we are a reference lab and have drivers 
waiting to take the slides to the doctors at hospitals around the valley 
this has slowed us up. Also for improper embedding of specimens. Obvious 
specimens like vas deferens and cervical cones.
Since we have a assistant doing the labeling and putting the cases together 
for send out she is not the familiar with what all tissues are supposed to 
look like.

Connie Grubaugh
Las Vegas Nv.

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