[Histonet] Disciplinary plan

connie grubaugh conniegrubaugh <@t> hotmail.com
Thu Jan 12 19:39:37 CST 2006

We need any and all suggestions to implement a disciplinary plan for slide 
labeling errors.  99% of the time the errors are caught by the person that 
is labeling the slides and checking them with the blocks and reports before 
they leave the lab.  But we have a on going problem with one tech that 
mislabeled slides or does not label them at all.  We process around 400 
blocks a day and on a regular day there can be any where from 2-8 cases of 
slides that are mislabeled.  Since we are a reference lab and have drivers 
waiting to take the slides to the doctors at hospitals around the valley 
this has slowed us up.  Also for improper embedding of specimens.  Obvious 
specimens like vas deferens and cervical cones.
Since we have a assistant doing the labeling and putting the cases together 
for send out she is not the familiar with what all tissues are supposed to 
look like.

Connie Grubaugh
Las Vegas Nv.

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