[Histonet] Have you ever considered teaching ?

Vinnie Della Speranza dellav <@t> musc.edu
Tue Jan 10 14:32:38 CST 2006

If you've not considered teaching, I would encourage you to do so. few things are more rewarding than stimulating and witnessing the enthusiasm and awe on the faces of young people who are embarking on careers in histotechnology. In 2004, I started a Histotechnology School (HTL) at my facility because I wanted to "pay it forward" in repayment, so to speak, for the assistance and encouragment I received from others when I was a fledgling histotech. This is a new venture for me, and we are mid year in our second class. I will tell you that the joy that I have working with the students is greater than I could have imagined.

so, if you think that teaching might interest you, and you meet our posting requirements, feel free to visit us at   www.musc.edu/histoprogram  .  You may formally apply for position #A0516067 at https://www.applymuscjobs.com/applicants

our position is posted at the NSH website and will appear in Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals. While I am looking for an individual with prior teaching experience, this can be in many forms including conducting workshops at conferences or providing instruction in other settings. However, prior teaching experience is not an absolute requirement and I will consider individuals with strong clinical skills.

our posting reads as follows:

Come join the excitement at the MUSC Medical Center in Charleston, South Carolina. Explore employment opportunities in our state of the art facility as you explore our city. Visitors travel to Charleston each year to walk down the cobblestone streets, relive its history and enjoy the beaches.

Experienced instructor wanted for newly accredited, 12 month, post-baccalaureate certificate Histotechnology Program (HTL). Details about our program may be found at www.musc.edu/histoprogram

The successful candidate will possess a bachelor of science degree in biology, medical technology or other life science and at least five years of clinical histology experience with a strong emphasis in special stains and immunohistochemistry.

A Master's degree in science, education or healthcare administration or equivalent is preferred. 

Certification in histotechnology, with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) at the technologist level (HTL) is required. Certification at the technician level may be substituted with ten or more years of clinical histology experience that include emphasis in the areas of specialization indicated above. 

Prior teaching experience is strongly preferred but not required. Applicants will be required to conduct a formal presentation to the selection committee at interview.

Interested applicants are invited to contact Vinnie Della Speranza at dellav <@t> musc.edu

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