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We run a Grocott's Methenamine Silver, utilizing the microwave.  We stain exactly as the protocol states, except we microwave on the silver step (we have a regular household microwave).  
Make up the silver as directed, put in a plastic 5-slide holder, and microwave on high for 30-60 seconds.  Just keep on eye on the silver so it doesn't boil over.  I check my slide at about 20 seconds and then every 10 seconds after that.  When my control section is a golden brown color, I take the slide out, rinse in DI water, and proceed with staining.  We can complete the stain in less than 20 minutes.

Laurie Colbert
Huntington Hospital

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My fellow Histonetters,
I would like to know what stain you are using for pneumocystis.  We are
presently using a "modified" GMS that takes approximately one hour and
15 minutes to perform.  A few of our physicians would like something a
bit faster.  (Of course, I would like to get the specimen sometimes
before 3 p.m., but that is another story for another time!)  I have also
found that a Thin Prep slide from a BAL is the best specimen.  We have
tried direct smears and Cyto-spins with much less success.
Thanks is advance, 
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