[Histonet] microwave processing on a budget...

Debbie Keith debbiekeith <@t> cox.net
Mon Dec 18 11:46:34 CST 2006

Hey all...

i have a few questions about microwave processing skin biopsies utilizing a 
microprocessor.  i've looked into protocols and equipment but figured this 
would be the best/quickest sources  of trial/error stories.

i want to get a used lab microwave but want to hear good/bad stories from 
the folks in the trenches. :)  marketers can sell me ANYTHING!!  i might be 
the ONLY person that bought the magic bullet food processor AND the ginsu 
knife.  (for the record, they are NOT as sharp after cutting through a tin 
can.  fyi.)

i purchased a used shandon hypercenter from a surplus lab equipment 
place... and it's been such a NIGHTMARE.  with enclosed processors there 
are so many possible issues.  gaskets/circuit boards/cable ports....   i'm 
starting to think micro-processing would keep the biomedical-nightmares to 
a minimum. have i inhaled too many fumes or could i be onto something?

i REALLY don't want to resort to an old carousel processor.

the specimens will be limited to small shave/punch skin biopsies and the 
runs will never be more than 20 blocks.  i would love to hear from anyone 
that has done this with good results.  i'd like to hear the "avoid THIS at 
all costs...." stories as well. :)

histonette is such a wonderful resource!  you guys are AWESOME!


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