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Tue Dec 12 11:01:10 CST 2006

While we're on the subject: can somebody bring us up to date on how the 
certification of Mohs techs is progressing? Is there now a formal certification? Is 
there a Web site about it?

Mohs surgery - microsurgical excision of basal cell carcinomas with 
meticulous frozen section control - is wonderful - my sister had a very successful 
procedure on an eyelid - is wonderful as long as the surgeon and his assistants 
prepare and read their own frozen sections.

If a pathologist has to do it - two hours tied up with no warning, no idea 
what the surgeon wants, no communication with the surgeon, wholly inadequate 
frozen section setup - then Mohs is the worst four letter word a pathologist 
knows. And I've been through this in a lot of different labs.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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