[Histonet] Polymer Feedback?

Bonnie Whitaker bwhitaker <@t> brownpathology.com
Thu Dec 7 13:06:39 CST 2006

Like a boss used to tell me:  You can have better quality, you can have a
faster turnaround time or you can produce a product that is cheaper.  Pick
2.  You can never have all three!

Polymers are faster and better (my favorite pick for the 2)


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Polymers Rock!!!  No avidin/biotin blocking.  Better sensitivity so you save
some of their extra cost by taking antibody titers out farther.  Clean.
Fewer steps.  So on and so on.

Only bad thing is the cost but nothing is perfect.

Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
IHC Manager
Milwaukee, WI

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Sorry, polymers for IHC staining.


>>> Gayle Callis <gcallis <@t> montana.edu> 2006-12-07 12:36 PM >>>

Polymers for what purpose, embedding tissues?

At 09:22 AM 12/7/2006, you wrote:
>Dear Histonet,
>Looking for feedback and experiences with different ploymers 
>(preferably universal) in a clinical setting.
>Doug Geddes BSc, MLT
>Dept of Pathology
>LHSC London ON

Gayle Callis HTL, HT, MT(ASCP)
Research Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University
Bozeman MT 59717

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