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Hi  Renee'

I multiple embed rat (and mouse) gi in Peel Away® embedding molds. I embed laying down, freeze and then cut the blocks on end.
I put a bit of OCT in then arrange however many piecies I want in the block, then  add more OCT until completely covered and recheck to see if any moved too much and then freeze.  I  line the tubes up to cut where the 2 dimples are in the molds (or you could mark the mold with a Sharpie) so I know which side to trim to get the correctt orientation.  I can easily put 3-5 in a 22x22 or 22x30mm blocks.  I end up with a very deep block (22mm) when I turn them on the end, but so far all my cryostats have not had probems doing this.  I usually leave a piece of pancreas on the duodenum  and put them in in order so I can tell which piece is which when they are in the blocks without a scope.  

Good luck

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For our paraffin blocks we embed rat gi on end so when sectioned you get
a little circle of tissue. Any suggestions on how to do this for
cryosections?  The fresh tissues have been too soft and flexible to stay
standing up in the OCT until it freezes. Thanks.


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