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Thu Aug 31 10:37:39 CDT 2006

Dear Mariano:

I suggest you check with the Anatomy/Neurobiology/Cell Biology dept. at 
the medical school and see if they have a surplus microscope they will 
lend or sell to you.


Mariano S. Viapiano wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>This is my first message to the forum; I am a complete
>newbie, not only in the forum but in the field of
>histopathology as well (I come from a background in
>molecular biology). 
>I intend to buy a couple of very simple microscopes
>for routine examination of cells and specimens. Those
>microscopes will be used in addition to major imaging
>equipment (Zeiss / Nikon), so they don’t need to
>belong to major brands or be the top of the line. I've
>found a number of brands in catalogs, such as
>VanGuard, Jenco or Acculab, for which I have no
>previous experience. Moreover, they all seem to come
>from the same producer and have only different brand
>labels. Does anyone have experience with microscopes
>from those brands, and would care to comment? 
>Thank you very much,
>Mariano S. Viapiano, PhD
>Center for Molecular Neurobiology
>Ohio State University
>226B Rightmire Hall
>1060 Carmack Rd., Columbus OH 43210
>Tel (614) 292-4362
>Fax (614) 292-5379
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