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Thu Aug 31 09:59:44 CDT 2006

Hello everybody,
This is my first message to the forum; I am a complete
newbie, not only in the forum but in the field of
histopathology as well (I come from a background in
molecular biology). 
I intend to buy a couple of very simple microscopes
for routine examination of cells and specimens. Those
microscopes will be used in addition to major imaging
equipment (Zeiss / Nikon), so they don’t need to
belong to major brands or be the top of the line. I've
found a number of brands in catalogs, such as
VanGuard, Jenco or Acculab, for which I have no
previous experience. Moreover, they all seem to come
from the same producer and have only different brand
labels. Does anyone have experience with microscopes
from those brands, and would care to comment? 
Thank you very much,

Mariano S. Viapiano, PhD
Center for Molecular Neurobiology
Ohio State University
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