[Histonet] Question about molecular sieves for EtOh

Philip Oshel oshel1pe <@t> cmich.edu
Wed Aug 16 07:31:51 CDT 2006


The murkiness is fine dust from the molecular sieve. It settles out 
after a few to several hours. You have to remember to never shake the 
bottle or pour from it. Use a transfer pipette to get EtOH out of the 
Put the sieve in dialysis tubing. This will contain the dust, but do 
as effect a job of keeping the EtOH dry.
Sieve works very well. I've used it for years.


>Dear Histonet Community,
>Today I added 3A bead molecular sieves to my EtOh, so I can have
>(hopefully) a better tissue dehydration tomorrow. But the ethanol took on
>quite a murky appearance. It seemed that after a few hours it cleared, just
>a tiny bit. But it still looks kind of scary.
>Does this go away completely -- with longer sitting of the ethanol??? Or
>does anybody know a good way to separate, without the chance of humidity
>getting back into the EtOh?
>Thanks so much.
>Larry Lanberg

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