[Histonet] Zinc-Based Fixative

Shirley PHUA Shirley_PHUA <@t> hsa.gov.sg
Wed Aug 2 03:19:02 CDT 2006

Dear All,

Reference Article: 
Lab Invest 2003 Jun;83(6):889-99 
Zinc-based fixative improves preservation of genomic DNA and proteins in 
histoprocessing of human tissues

Anyone out there know of the exact composition of any zinc-based fixative 
that is based on the following?
1. 0.5% Zinc Chloride and
2. 0.5% Zinc Acetate in 0.1M Tris base buffer containing 0.05% calcium 

Many thanks & regards,
Shirley Phua
Histopathology Laboratory
Centre for Forensic Medicine
Health Sciences Authority

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