[Histonet] IFA staining problems

Christopher C Overend christopher.overend <@t> huskymail.uconn.edu
Tue Aug 1 07:26:36 CDT 2006

My IFA guy fixed most of his smears and sections for 5-10 minutes only in 
cold acetone (there was one test that needed methanol only and a few oddball 
tests needed ethanol).  You might try reducing your fixation time in 

Jan Shivers
U of MN Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
St. Paul, MN
shive003 <@t> umn.edu

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>I am new to the technique of immunofluorescence, and have been doing some 
>work with it lately on cultured cells. Specifically, I have been staining 
>intracellular virus with very good results. However, when i try to detect 
>cellular proteins, I do not get any staining. The proceedure i have been 
>using consists of "fixation" with 90% acetone for 30 min, at 4degrees C. 
>the rest of the process had been much like an ELISA, all incubations have 
>been for 30 min at 4degrees. The buffer i have been using is PBS, 1%BSA, 
>0.1%NaN3. Someone mentioned the problem could be from the acetone and 
>suggested trying a glyoxal fixative. Can anyone offer some insights, or if 
>there is a different protocol i might have to follow using a glyoxal 
>fixative with tissue culture?
> Thank you!
> Chris
> Christopher Overend
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