Fwd: [Histonet] Price for MMA Embedding-Rabbit Femurs

Judy Strauss straussj <@t> upstate.edu
Mon Oct 31 14:25:13 CST 2005

> We are wondering if anyone can give us a quote on embedding 48 rabbit
> femurs in MMA?  How much for 100u sections of those femurs with a
> titanium implant?  If you have a contact for us we would greatly
> appreciate the information.  I just want an idea of cost since we have
> experienced medical problems with our technicians who handle MMA.  We
> are in Canada.
> Virginia.ross <@t> nrc-cnrc.gc.ca 
> Virginia Ross
> Parathyroid Hormone Group, 
> Institute for Biological Sciences,
> National Research Council

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