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You lucky person you! I have been a Histotech for about 4 years and a Mohs tech just over a year. It took me about a week to adjust to cutting Mohs so don't get too worried. One of the biggest secrets I can share is Liquid Nitrogen. It allows the fat to be cut beautifully without the other tissue areas and mounting media to become overhard and friable as when an isopentane bath is used. Another biggie is to make sure you have the entire epidermal and deep surface frozen flat. I usually freeze my sections flat on the pressure plate then cover with media as quickly as possible. If you wait too long and the epidermal edge starts to turn white, the media will tend not to support the edge as well, and it has a greater tendency to chip out. Big No-No.  If you need anything else in the future, let me know. I'll help out any way I can.
Claire Ingles, HTL
UW Hospitals & Clinics
Mohs Clinic Lab
Madison WI

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	Hello. I have been working in histology for close to 15 years now and 
	recently got a part time job as a Mohs tech. I really like it and want to get as 
	much information as possible about the procedure. Anyone working as a Mohs tech 
	that would be willing to share tips and insight would be greatly appreciated.
	 I've been looking on the net for Mohs related literature and so far the
	books  have all been way out of my price range. Any information will be greatly 
	appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!
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