[Histonet] newfound chatter

Tyler W. tyler-wellington <@t> northwestern.edu
Tue Oct 25 16:38:49 CDT 2005

While the chatter on this list is always delightful, the chatter that I have seen recently in my 
sections is less than desirable.  Sorry, once again, for the seemingly rookie question, but I 
was wandering why, all of a sudden, this has become a problem.  What adjustments would 
one make to the blade angle?  Does hydrating the block have a lot to do with it?  I cut down 
the hydration time recently because overhydrating caused my sections not to ribbon.  I also 
switched to surgipath formula r paraffin.  Does anyone have experience with this type (or, by 
all means others) and good ways to eliminate chatter?  Just curious, thank you.  Bonus 
question: What's your favorite type of paraffin?

Thanks again--Tyler W.

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