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Dear Jesus, 
    Kappa and lambda are certainly difficult to interpret. They both can be
present circulating in the serum, thus the "background" staining in most
tissue sections. We use polyclonal antibodies, and get quite good results.
We use a tonsil as a control as bone marrows are just too precious & small
for us to use. We look for the plasma cells to be staining with a dark
cytoplasmic stain & a slight "blush" to the germinal centers of the tonsil.
It does take a pathologist skilled in interpreting them. A true positive is
in the cytoplasm of the cells, not in-between the cells (due to circulating
K/L). We do use one titer for lymph nodes, and another for bone marrows & GI
biopsies.  Plus a different titer & pretreatment if we're looking for
Well, I hope I've helped & not confused you. I'd be happy to do my best to
answer any questions that you have.

Patti Loykasek BS, HTL, QIHC
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA

> I have a great question out there for the IHC people.  Here in the lab we are
> trying to work up our Kappa and lambda.  The problem that most people see is
> the excessive background staining that comes with these two antibodies.  we
> are treating our tissue in a H2O2 solution just before we run them on the IHC
> stainer (Ventanna).  Here is the kicker in working them up we are using Bone
> marrow for control, because our pathologists would like ,control that  is
> similar to the disease process they are looking for.  Now one specimen control
> stains beautiful for Kappa and the other specimen control stains beautiful for
> Lambda.  This brings me to the conclusion that the stain is working  and also
> that  different specimens no matter what stain differently.  Can someone give
> me a universal way to make this easier on us.  I know we need to block the
> endogenous peroxidase, and we are using H2O2.. is there anything that we can
> do better or is there another method for us to treat the specimens.
> Jesus Ellin
> Yuma Regional Medical Center
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