[Histonet] Xylene or xylene substitutes free tissue processing protocol.

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 15:49:54 CDT 2005

To all the Histonet subscribers:
Xylene, as well as all other xylene substitutes products, are noxious substances in some way or level.
Guided by the concept that it is part of the mission of any histology supervisor that of providing a safe work environment for the histotech, between 1998 and 1999 I developed a processing procedure that does not use xylene or any of its commercial substitutes.
Besides being absolutely innocuous this new procedure does not require any special disposal protocol and is cheaper than the conventional and almost "universal" xylene procedure.
I published this method in The Journal of Histotechnology, vol.22; no.2; pp. 143-149, 2000 and was adopted as the standard tissue procesing method of my laboratory since 26 June 1999
If you cannot find the article easily and would like to have a copy of it, you can e-mail me and I will send you an electronic version of it along with some photomicrographs.
Rene J. Buesa

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