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I downloaded the technical report on this variant perfusion technique.  I'm amazed that you can get good fixation of the brain with 1 ml of fixative pumped through the heart without clamping off descending aorta, etc.  Has anyone tried this technique (or similar variants), and what kind of results were obtained?
I'm planning on trying it in a week or so, because I would love to get good brain fixation with so little time, fixative and waste production...but am wary...
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There have been several inquiries regarding fixation of mouse brains
A short technical report has just been published in BioTechniques:
Minimally invasive method for murine brain fixation
Eichenbaum KD et al
Biotechniques 2005; 39(4): 487-500
After simple registration, it can be accessed at
http://www.biotechniques.com <http://www.biotechniques.com> 

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