[Histonet] Coverslipping technics

Osborn, Sharon sharon.osborn <@t> dnax.org
Wed Oct 12 14:03:52 CDT 2005

	One of my favorite tasks is coverslipping.  However, due to pressing
duties and volume, the automated coverslipper does the work.  To get a good
coverslip technic is essential when doing so manually.  This is the one I
	1.  The slide is moist from the xylene.  I use a dropper (I do have
one of the old type bottles with the little glass dropper with a round glass
bulb on its end)or a wooden applicator stick.  Dip the stick into xylene to
moisten it then into the mounting medium. The mounting medium will form a
ball drop on the applicator.
	2.  Place the ball drop of mounting medium directly on the lower
edge of the slide.  I generally make a little line of it along the edge.
	3.  Pick up the coverslip with two fingers(I use thumb and index)
along the coverslip edges.  Be certain there are no sticky coverslips stuck
together.  Place the long edge of the coverslip along the lower edge of the
slide on the mounting medium.  The slide will gently lay down on the
mounting medium and move it over the slide as it makes contact.  There are
rarely any bubbles.  
	4.  If there are bubbles, gentle pressure with forceps or the
applicator end (not one with mounting medium) will move those out.  Also,
there is rarely any excell medium around the edges.  I
	5.  If there is excess mountimg medium around the edges, wipe it
gently with a Kimwipe moistened with xylene or use a #3 artist brush (camel
hair) dipped in xylene to clean the edges of the slide.  Lay in mats to dry.
	Practise will develop this technic such that you will be faster than
the automated coverslipper--the glass ones--which are all I recommend!..:-)
Sharon Osborn
DNAX, Schering Plough BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA

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Subject: [Histonet] Air Bubbles in Manual Coverslipping
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We have recently come under the "gun" for excess bubbles and glue on the
slides after coverslipping.  We currently do all of coverslipping manually
and was wondering if anyone had any helpful hints to keep the bubbles out
and and excess glue off the slide. Thanks for the assistance, Travis Troyer
Peterson Laboratory Services

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