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Hello Don - I have my Florida license.  I am retired from over 40  years as a 
histotechnologist.  For the past 2 years I have been working  temporary 
assignments.  Depending upon the needs of the opening you have I  might be 
interested in being considered for this assignment.  My telephone  number is 
210-375-4622.  If you receive the answering machine, I have my  cell phone, 
I have attached my resume.
Priscilla Delventhal BA, HT, HTL (ASCP)
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   Pris   3900 Habersham
   Schertz, Texas
   Voice:  210-375-4622  Cel
   E-Ma   Revised: May, 2005
   BA - Thomas A. Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey
   National Society of Histotechnologists
   American Society of Clinical Pathologists
   1982  Who's Who in American Women


   June,1961   –July,   1964    Assistant   supervisor,  Surgical
   Pathology Laboratory,

              Â Â Â Â Â        University of Colorado Medical
   School, Denver, Colorado - some research in tissue culture.

   July   Cytology slides. Denv

   Sept   Hospital,     Wheatridge,     Colorado.     General    Histologic
   technic.  Cytology preparation and screening.
   September,1965   –   December,1968    Assistant   supervisior,
   Histolog   Veterinary  Medicine,  Ft.  Collins, Colorado. General Histo   Hematology research.
   In  December  of 1968 we moved to Wyoming for my husband's job.  There
   we   September,1970-  May,1971   Filled  in  for  Elementary/Jr. High Music
   May,   absence of a patholo
   September,1973- May,1984  Histology Section Head, Pathology Laboratory
   Associates,  Lander, Wyoming.  This position included limited grossing
   o   May,  1984  – Pathology Laboratory Assiciates closed.  No
   work for three months.

   Augu   Valley  Medical  Center,  Lander,  Wyomi   limited  grossing  of specimens and extensive cytopreparation.  I left
   this  position because an Anatomic Lab was star   I lived.
   August,1989  –  August, 2001  Histology/Cytology section head,
   Ri   routine  Histology,  this position included extensive cytopreparation.
   I  left  th   was retired) and I wanted do temporary work so I could see some of the
   vast  country that we liv   have not regretted this decision.
   August, 2001 Temporary histology jobs

   Univ   Supervisor,  Nancy  at  303-316-9240, September 3, 2001 to November 2,
   St. Anthony's Hospital, Rockford, Illinois, Supervisor Leta Stewart at
   815-395-5109.  December 3, 2001 to February, 2002
   Southeastern  Pathology, Rome,Ga, small 3 week Histology assignment in
   March 2002.  Telephone number 706-291-8702.
   Lakes   Regional   Hospital,   Laconia,   New   Hampshire,   Pathology
   Department.    number 603-524-3211 ext. 3230.
   Returned  to  St. Anthony's Hospital, Rockford, Illinois, June through
   Septemb   November  2002  to  August 2003, Riverton Memorial Hospital, Riverton,
   Wyoming.   Histology/Cytology  section  head.   Riverton  Memorial was
   unsuccessful  in recruiting a certified histotechnologist after I left
   in  the  Summer of 2001.  I returned for a year to help train 2 people
   in  simple  histology  technic.   This  position  will was finished in
   August and I returned to temporary assignments at that time.
          November,  2003  -  a  small 3 week assignment at Mountain View
   Medical  Center  in  Los  Cruces, New Mexico to cover for the sing   histology technologist to have a vacation.
           March  -  July,  2004, I returned to St. Anthony's Hospital in
   Rockford,  for  another  extended assignment.  All routine and special
   Histology, plus extensive Cytology preparations.
           July,  2004,  preparing  for  a move to the San Antonio, Texas

           August,   20   2005  Pro Path Labs in Dallas, Texas. 
   This was mainly cutting histology 

          August  3    Gables  Hospital,  Coral  Gables, Florida.  This is a single tech
   lab.   I did a   stains,  coverslipping, frozen sectio   while  she went on vacation.  Everything in this lab is done man   ually  except  for  tissue processing. I will return in December, 2005
   for another we
         Most of my permanent positions have been as section head or in a
   supervisory  capacity.   I  have  set up 2 laboratories, both included
   Histology   and   Cytology   departments.   This  included  purchasing
   equipment, setting up CPT codes and revenue codes, writing manuals and
   keepi   I   have   phlebotomy   experience  and  limited  clinical  laboratory
   Computer systems I have used include the following:

   I   have  used  several  different  brands  of  automated  processors,
   coverslippers    Microm.  I have also use   stains  and  am  familiar  with  the  Ventanna  Nexus  autostainer for
   IHC.     very limited, but I am comfortable doing special stains with it.  I am
   also very comfortable doing everything manually.
   In addition to all routine Histology and Cytopreparatory procedures, I
   have stained and screened the trichromes for 0&P's, assisted with bone
   marrow   processed  Semen  analysis  specimens.  I have also contracted with an
   independent  transcriptionist  and coordinated her activities and kept
   those reports organized and delivered to all necessary departments and
   physicians.  <           Several  years  ago  I  tried  to  set up immunohistochemistry
   staining  in  2  different laboratories in Wyoming, but because of the
   small volume these labs had, it was decided to send these tes   reference  laboratory.  I was one of the first in Wyoming to use th   Microwave  oven  to  speed  up  Histologic  Special  Stains and Frozen
   I have beginning Immunofluorescence experience.
   I am a DOT drug collector (both urine and breathalyzer).
   I am computer literate.
   I  have  worked with the Wyoming State tumor registry and find it very
   I have assisted with Clinicians and Pathologists in researching topics
   for CME's and preparing the visual aids for those projects.
   My  strengths  are general histology, special stains, ribbon sections,
   Cryosta   many  years  of  cytoprepratory experience and a few years of cytology
   I  find  great  satisfaction  in  teaching  the  skill  and  theory of
   My laboratories are efficiently run, both time and monetary wise.
   Priscilla J. Delventhal
   References available upon request

   You  may  contact  any  of the places that I have worked including the
   temporary assignments.
               &nbs   &nbs

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