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Fri Oct 7 08:25:20 CDT 2005

Hi Vernon,

I have worked with cells prepared the way you describe and have no
problems with them staying on the slide when I use Superfrost Plus slides.
I cannot imagine why they are coming off on silane slides ... could it be
your batch of slides that is the problem???

As far as cytospins, although I also have little trouble with cytospins
coming off the slide when I use Superfrost Plus, they definitely suffer
more damage during the staining process than paraffin. In my experience
paraffin sections stay on better but by the sounds of it the cytospins may
work better for you.

Are you doing antigen retrieval, perhaps "harsh" conditions?? This may
affect the integrity of the paraffin section. Obviously with the cytospin
you wouldn't be doing that so that may be the way to go if your problem

I would look to the antigen retrieval technique and the batch of slides as
the culprits first.

> Hi Histonet,
> I am doing an in situ PCR/Hybridization. I am working with some cells
> that were suspended in histogel, fixed in formalin, processed and
> embedded. I am having some trouble keeping the tissue on the slides
> through all of the incubations and wash steps. I am using silanized
> slides and baking the slides at 60 degrees for 1 hour prior to use. Does
> anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get these samples to stick
> to the slides? Secondly, would a cytospin preparation be more likely to
> stay on the slide? Thanks in advance.
> -Vernon

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