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Additional resources are the Histologics that Vinnie edits for Sakura (go to
their website for archived and current copies); regional and state socitety
newsletters which often have TOT's in them plus doing Google searches for
various procedures which bring up some universities with websites aout
histology.  Some vendors also have good examples of stain technics (Sigma
for one).  I have a set of old texts which I have collected from clearing
out closed down laboratories, offices, etc that are a great resource when I
go to research some technics.  I also enjoy knowing how a technic came
about.  You also have excellent sources in histonet contributors to point
you to specific references and articles.

sharon osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA
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Although it could be considered as a "biassed" opinion I would suggest for
you to look at the Journal of Histotechnology from the National Society of
Histotechnology. Rene J.

"Prior, Andrew" <Andrew.Prior <@t> Smith-Nephew.com> wrote:
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good histology journal, that
covers a lot of the methods and equipment. I've had a look at some journals
on the web, but would appreciate some feedback from regular readers on how
useful you find them.

Many thanks


Andrew Prior
Smith & Nephew Research Centre
York Science Park
York, YO10 5DF

Andrew.Prior <@t> smith-nephew.com

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