[Histonet] Update on Tricks if the Trade (TOTs).

Rene J Buesa rjbuesa <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 11:07:54 CDT 2005

To my fellow histotechnologists:
As I promised on 9/20/05 when I posted the request for TOTs to be edited/published in the Journal of Histotechnology, the following is a summary of the TOTs received:
1- how to cool paraffin blocks by using the denser than air CO2 gas coming from a funnel placed above the block.
2- add eosin in the first absolute alcohol to stain small transparent specimens.
3- place "roght cut" blocks on very wet 4X4 gauze pieces for a few minutes before cutting the final sections.
4- for cell proliferation studies in rodents always simultaneously process a piece of ileum or jejunum as control.
5-test the DAB with a few microlitres of peroxidase labelled Ab to determine if DAB is OK.
6- soak faced blocks in a small container with crushed ice, some water and a few drops of amonia, before cutting final sections.
And, unfortunately, that is all!!! No more TOTs were received!
I have been really disapointed because from all the histotechnologists using Histonet, after reading so many queries and answers, I know there is wealth of TOTs out there.
I realize that it is easier to just give some quick advise to some "histoneter" in need of help, than to squeeze one's brain to come with something we every day do as a TOT.
At this moment I am preparing to edit TOTs dealing "toe nails" (an abundant subject of discussion in Histonet since 2001); this and any other important issue is going to help all of us, but specially those new to the field. This is part of the mission of the Journal of Histotechnology and we all with more experience have the moral duty of helping those less experienced.
I only hope that all the "Histoneters" will contribute with their TOTs for the benefit of all.
Rene J. Buesa

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