[Histonet] replacement chemical

Janet Maass jmaass <@t> info2000.net
Tue Oct 4 00:01:33 CDT 2005

Does anyone know of a chemical replacement for 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium chloride?  This chemical has not been available for the past few months and may not be available for a few more months depending on the testing results.  The government is considering a reclassification depending on the testing results so currently no one can purchase it. 

I have not had good results using nitro blue tetrazolium as a replacement.  I am using it as an oxidation and reduction substance to identify on fresh tissue  the area where damaged tissue ends and undamaged tissue begins in research.  Should someone have a procedure I would appreciate it.  In my searches on Pubmed I find articles using nitro blue tetrazolium on bacteria and the likes, but not fresh tissue.

Thanks in advance,

Janet Maass

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