[Histonet] Paying the high ASCP fees each year

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Wed Mar 23 15:56:44 CST 2005

Why pay ASCP to bully me around?  I pay NSH, and CSH(California) every year 
because its worth it, and they don't try and force you into it.  I like 
reading the JOH, that alone makes the NSH dues worthwhile.  ASCP, I won't 
pay.  They're not even friendly on the phone.  Why can't the NSH just start 
certifying people?

Mark Tarango

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>I must chime in here a bit.  Those who do not participate in the their
>professional organizations (ASCP, NSH, state societies, etc.) are missing
>out on resources that they of course don't know anything about because they
>are not engaged. Even when you do pay ASCP dues each year the benefits are
>not always transparent.  ASCP is the Certifying agency for our profession,
>without them none of us would have documentation that we are
>"professionals".  I know that there are plenty of people out there who may
>have been working in the field for a long time and can perform the required
>tasks, but the fact that they have not gotten certified says something 
>them that frankly would not impress me as a perspective employer.  With a
>few exceptions (ie Jackie O, who is certified I know) I would be willing to
>bet that these non-certified, non-engaged people do not read the Journals 
>attend classes in their field, which again would not impress me as their
>It is our job to educate the administrators.  They often have no idea that
>non-certified people are working for them or even that certification is
>available in some cases.  NSH has been working for many years to try and 
>CAP to require certified Histotech's be working in the histo lab, we even
>asked that they at least require supervisors be certified.  CAP still has 
>such requirements.  It can be a long tuff battle, but we are making
>progress.  ASCP, NSH, CAP and State Histology Societies, to mention a few,
>are our professional bargaining agencies.  Through them we will make the
>changes in the field we want to see.  Without these agencies we are just
>individuals whining about issues we are doing nothing to affect.

>Best regards,

>Patsy Ruegg 

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