[Histonet] Texas our texas

Timothy Macatee timothy.macatee <@t> med.nyu.edu
Wed Mar 30 16:36:23 CST 2005

Now for my two cents.  After spending twelve years in Houston and two years
in Dallas, I don't miss much.  If Houston isn't hell it's not a fer' piece.
Who ever said, "Let's live here!" back in the 1700's must moved in in
winter.  The interesting thing about Houston is everyone there is from
somewhere else, mostly the north east. As a matter of fact I met my wife in
Houston even though we were born in the same hospital in Philadelphia.
Don't even get me started on Dallas.  I like it here in the North east,
except for the toll roads, the prices, the commute, the lack of good Mexican
food the...
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