[Histonet] Texas Society For Histotechnology 2005 Symposium/Convention

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It's not to late to join the Texas Society for Histotechnology 2005 
Symposium/Convention attached is the program or go to www.txsh.org

"Not Just a Plano Meeting - Histology 2005"
Texas Society for Histotechnology 2005 Symposium/Convention
Marriott Dallas/Plano at Legacy Town Center
7120 Dallas Parkway, Plano, Texas

Thursday, April 21, 2005 - 11:00 a.m. - Golf Outing Tribute Golf Course

Friday, April 22, 2005 2:00-5:30 p.m.
1) HT (ASCP) Examination Readiness - Glenda Hoye
Saturday April 23, 2005 8-11:30 A.M.

Morning Workshops 
2) Quality Issues in Immunohistochemistry - Bryan Hewlett
3) Microwave: The Whole Enchilada - Donna Willis and Jan Minshew
4) Advanced Excellence with Routine H&E Staining and Immunochemical Staining 
Of Bone Specimens and Bone Marrow Biopsies Following Decalcifications - James 
Biesecker, M.D. PhD
5) Do You Know What Your Laboratory Workflow Is? - Ms. Ritu Ward 

 Morning Symposiums 
1) Immunohistochemistry in the Analysis of Forensic Evidence from a Double 
Homicide in New Zealand: The Lundy Case - Rodney Miller, M.D.
2) Antibodies As Diagnostic Tools And Their Utility Beyond Diagnostics: 
Discussion using GI Stromal tumors/KIT as an example - Saime Aksoy, M.D.
3) Keys to Understanding and Applying Academic Articles in the Histopathology 
Laboratory - Mark Bailey

Saturday April 23, 2005 1:00-4:30p.m.

 Afternoon Workshops 
6) Technical Immunohistochemistry: Achieving Reliability and Reproducibility 
of Immunostains - Rodney Miller, M.D. 
7)  Is Your Tissue Processor Fighting You? Fight Back - Pam Marcum
8)  Preparing for a CAP Inspection - Hector Hernandez and Joe Nocito
9)  Color Your World - an Overview of Special Stains - Kim Rhatigan-Drexler

Afternoon Symposiums  
Student Presentations- Texas Histology Schools
4a) - Cancer: A Collection of Diseases - Olukayode Awotesu, Sujatha Kakuru, 
and Umadevi Narra - MD Anderson Cancer Center  and Mary Anderson - Houston 
Community College 
4b) - Special Histologic Techniques - Michael Scabeto - St. Phillips College 
and Yvonne Koening University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio

Saturday, April 23, 2005 - 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Guest Speaker - Beck Weathers, M.D.

Sunday April 24, 2005 8-11:30 A.M.

10) IHC Mathematics in the Laboratory - Joel Martinez
11)  Shipping Diagnostic Specimens- Linda Durbin
12) Quality Standards for Staining - Bryan Hewlett
13) Quality Assurance in the Histology Laboratory - Kathy Dwyer and Debbie 

5) Team Building 101 - Evelyn Sandberg 
6) Pathologists Looks at the Passion & Death of Jesus Christ- Kevin J. 
McQuaid, M.D. 

Program Information - Veronica Davis - 972-579-8291 Vendor Information - Judy 
Webb - 817-927-1024   
Golf Outing Information - Donna Willis -817-878-5644

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