[Histonet] Are Gloves a CAP regulation?

Dawson, Glen GDawson <@t> dynacaremilwaukee.com
Mon Mar 21 14:12:24 CST 2005


Don't even speak of gloves and CAP regulation in the same breath.  I can
already see the CAP wheels turning.  Soon we'll have to document that each
glove does, in fact, have 5 fingers.  I'm sure we'll need to document how
many tear while putting them on or if they have excessive amounts of powder
in them.  A detailed pie chart on how rumpled up they are when they are
taken off will be an absolute requirement to keep the laboratory walls from
coming down.  A new kit to measure exact purity of latex (or non-latex)
content of each discarded glove will be available shortly.

Long story short, every time I think it isn't possible to find more things
to document for CAP, more pop up on their own so we don't need to throw out

Glen Dawson
Milwaukee, WI

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