[Histonet] Microwave GMS Problem Solved... Thanks!

Sandy Cheasty SCheasty <@t> memorialcare.org
Fri Mar 11 12:43:13 CST 2005

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions... and the winner is:
1.	Chromic acid 10 min room temp (any brand)
2.	Tap H2O, rinse well
3.	Sodium bisulfite 1 min (any brand)
4.	Tap H2O, rinse well
5.	DI water x 3 changes
6.	SIGMA meth silver reagent (1 vial makes 100 ml, that will last at
least a week if you don't add the Borax. We use 25 ml at a time and add 1 ml
of SIGMA Borax)
      Place slides in microwave proof slide holder, zap in MW at full power
in 15 seconds bursts to a maximum of 3 bursts. After each burst pour the
reagent back and forth into another acid clean container         to
distribute the heat layers in the solution and check the control for
adequate development.
7.	Tap H2O, rinse well
8.	DI water x 2-3 changes
9.	Gold chloride
10.	yadda
11.	yadda
12.	yadda
13.	Coverslip
The fungal and pneumocytis  organism staining is thorough, delicate, fast
and without background. Just like mother to used make. I tried this with
Rowley reagents and Polyscientific reagents, the pneumocystis didn't stain
well and the background was butt-ugly.

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