[Histonet] Commonly used stains for kidney disease progession??

Katri Tuomala katri <@t> cogeco.ca
Wed Mar 9 20:27:08 CST 2005

When we receive a native kidney biopsy (human), the routine is to cut serial 
sections at 3um and pick sections up on several slides. 3 or 4 get an H&E, 1 
PAS, 1 Jones methenamine silver for basement membranes, 1 trichrome and 1 
elastin stain ( we use Miller). Also one piece of the biopsy is snap frozen 
for consequent IF stains for immune complexes, and one piece is fixed for 
possible EM.
There are many different kidney diseases and combination of all these stains 
will confirm or rule out many of them, but that is the pathologists'  area 
of expertise. I know that for instance PAS and silver stains demonstrate the 
basement menbranes within the glomeruli and can indicate immune complex 
deposits within them anf if so the IF will determine what kind of immune 
complexes they are. These are just the routine stains, more are done if the 
pathologist requests. I think your pathologist is the best source of 
information in this area.
Hope this helps a bit...

Katri Tuomala
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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> Hi everyone,
> Quick question:
> What are the commonly used stains/immunochemistry procedures to evaluate 
> progression of disease within kidneys?  (I may need to know WHY also in 
> case I am not familiar with a certain technique, stain, or antibody)
> So far I have been told a number ranging from PAS, trichrome and a silver 
> technique - but I started to become confused.  They all seem great but I 
> think I may need the WHY along with the WHAT when answers are being sent 
> back in reply.
> As usual, thank you for your assistance.
> G.T. Hebert
> Cambridge Massachusetts
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