[Histonet] 2003 ASCP/BOR Wage and Vacancy Survey HTL or HLT?

Ladd, Sharron sladd <@t> hsc.usf.edu
Wed Mar 9 08:32:46 CST 2005

I just received the March 2005 issue of LabMedicine which contains the 2003 ASCP/BOR Wage and Vacancy Survey. Unfortunately, the authors and editors were unable to remember from page to page whether the abbreviation for Histotechnologist was HTL or HLT? They got it right in the methods section, got it wrong in the big table (Table 2) and then wrote it both ways in the vacancy section of the Histotechnician/Histotechnologist portion of the article.

Sharron Ladd, HTL or HLT (ASCP)?? Hmmmmm

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