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     I strongly reccommend the Immunohistochemical Staining Methods Handbook by DAKO. It should be on their website in .PDF format. Otherwise just call them and they'll send it to you. This is good if you are using any product (not just DAKO) and it gives a great overview of IHC from start to finish.
     Once you've read that, I would move on to Atlas of Diagnostic Immunopathology by Lawrence True (If you can get a copy, it's hard to find!). This is a fantastic second step book that I always reccommend after the DAKO book.

Good luck,
Amos Brooks


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Subject: [Histonet] Basic ISH and IHC
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Hello all,
I am looking for any books/information regarding basic (very basic) theories
and explanations for ISH and IHC.  We do ISH in our lab and know the
technique, but not the theory, so I'm trying to find information on these
subjects.  I've looked at Amazon.com, but most of the books seem way beyond
"basic."  What we are looking for is something that can give us at least
"beginners" information.  I spoke to our Ventana rep. and suggested that
Ventana should put on regional workshops. (are you reading this Ventana?)
With so many histology labs using this technology it would be helpful to
have background.  Its easy to slap some slides on a machine, put the
dispensers on, click start and walk away....now we need to know the how and
why we do this.  Any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Julie Sanders, BA, HT(ASCP)
Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
VA Medical Center
3200 Vine St. ML113
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

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