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As part of our safety campaign, Leica developed guidelines for disinfecting
cryostats.  They can be applied to any cryostat and we would be happy to
share them with you if you are interested. They basically provide
instructions for following the CAP guideline requiring that a cryostat be
disinfected once a week with a tuberculocidal disinfectant if used daily.
A list of approved disinfectants that are effective against various
pathogens, including Mycobacteria tuberculosis (tubercle bacteria), human
HIV-1 and Hepatitis B virus is available on the EPA website.  You can find
this list and others at http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/chemregindex.htm.  Each
disinfecting solution requires exposure to contaminated surfaces for
specific times and, unfortunately, none of them are approved for use at
cold temperatures.  Therefore, the cryostat must be disinfected at room
temperature and the directions on the individual solutions must be
followed.  Needless to say, the least corrosive solution should be
selected.  It might also be advisable to consult with the cryostat
manufacturer for their recommendations.

If you chose not to use a tuberculocidal disinfectant, you can use 5%
bleach, followed by 70% alcohol (to penetrate the lipid capsule of the
tubercle bacteria), followed by 100% alcohol (to remove any water).  This
procedure must also be done at room temperature and for specific exposure
times that are included in our guidelines.  Following either procedure, the
cryostat will need to be thoroughly dried and lubricated before it is taken
back down to operating temperature.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of the guidelines, please
give me a call here at Leica.

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Does anyone have protocol for disinfection of a Reichert Jung cryostat that
would meet CAP requirements for disinfection and not involve removing the
microtome from the unit.  We would like to use our Reichert daily but it is
too involved to disinfect it weekly (bringing the unit to room temp,
removing the microtome etc...)   I like the Shandons method using
formaldehyde but do not know if I could get away with just wiping the
insides out with formaldehyde or not?   Please offer any advise you think
may help....

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