[Histonet] disinfection of cryostat

Michael Hetzer HETZER <@t> surgery.wisc.edu
Tue Mar 1 15:22:56 CST 2005

Use 100% ETOH to disinfect your cryostat without turning it off. We use
the last of the dehydrating ETOH from the previous day's staining
setup.Wear your PPE and use 4x4 gauze  that is soaked with the ETOH to
the point of dripping a little bit. Dispose of your blade first or if
your using a knife first disifect both sides of the kife using only
upward wipes and then set the knife in a safe out of the way place
inside the cryostat preferrably a spot that has already been cleaned.
Remove any waste materials with the wet gauze and then wipe the inner
surfaces.Wipe out any excess ETOH with dry 4x4 gauze. It will take you
five minutes at the most.

Mike Hetzer
Dermatologic Procedures
Madison, WI

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