[Histonet] Silly question about deparaffinization

Eva C Andersson eca9 <@t> georgetown.edu
Wed Jun 29 08:56:36 CDT 2005

Good morning,
I am probably asking a very silly question but I recently spoke to 
someone about deparaffinization and hydration. I found that the times 
that they use and the times that we use are very different. So my 
question to you is this: What lenghts of time do you use for Xylenes, 
100% alcohol, 95% alcohol and 70% alcohol?
It is about deparaffinising charged (+) slides. So nothing fancy.
Just curious. Maybe I can cut back some on the timed that we use which are:
30min Xylenes, 10min 100%, 10min 95% and 6min 70%.
Thanks for your responses.
Eva Andersson
Georgetown University

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