[Histonet] RE: MMP-1

C.M. van der Loos c.m.vanderloos <@t> amc.uva.nl
Wed Jun 29 03:26:32 CDT 2005

   Dear Samantha,

   You  have  done already a lot to make this MMP-1 antibody work.  There
   are only a few things left that you may try from here on:
     * A new  titration  series  (1:20  - 1:60 - 1:180) with an overnight
       primary   antibody  incubation  at  4C.  Tissue  pretreatment:  no
       treatment,  HIER  with  EDTA  pH9.0,  HIER with citrate pH 6.0 and
     * Test   some   different   anti-MMP1   antibodies   from  different
       sources! To  my  opinion Santa  Cruz  antibodies  are not the best
       guarantee  for optimal staining results. With respect to other MMP
       antibodies  (3 and 9) we have good staining results with LabVision
       reagents. Perhaps one of their anti-MMP-1 antibodies will work for
     * In   case   of   negative   staining,  you  need  perhaps  a  more
       sensitive/efficient   detection   system.  Tyramide  amplification
       techniques  can  be  helpful  in  this  respect  (Perkin&Elmer TSA
       NEL-700 kit or DakoCytomation CSA II kit).

   Good luck,

   Chris van der Loos, PhD
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   From: "Samantha McMurtrey" <SMcMurtrey <@t> UniPathLLC.com>
   Subject: [Histonet] MMP-1
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   Hello all,
   I  am  having  a  lot of trouble getting any staining for MMP-1.  I am
   Santa Cruz, catalog # sc-21731, lot # A1405. It's a mouse monoclonal
   antibody.  I have tried dilutions from 1:200 down to 1:25. I incubated
   primary  antibody  for 30 minutes and the secondary for 30 minutes.  I
   also  tried  using proteinase K, Target, EDTA, and a pH 9 retrieval. I
   working  it up on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue. I am mostly
   breast   tissue   that   has  atypical  ductal  hyperplasia  (per  the
   request).   I  haven't  had any luck at all. I am getting no staining.
   Thank you,
   Samantha McMurt! rey, BS,

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