[Histonet] plus slides question

Mary Lee Giebel mlgiebel <@t> mail2.vcu.edu
Fri Jun 24 10:49:52 CDT 2005

 It sounds like your slides have loss their charge. The charge only
last around 18 months.  You can also loose the charge by handling the
slide incorrectly, but your problem sounds like more than just the
occasional slide. I use Plus slides from VWR and Fisher. I usually
call the company to get the manufacture date and then mark each box
and rotate my stock. 

For paraffin sections I use Platinum StarFrost Adhesive slides from
Mercedes Medical. I have never had a slide shed water as well as the
StarFrost Adhesive. I have not had a problem with them rejecting
tissue, but they don't stay in the lab long. I stain by hand, so I am
not sure about using them in machines.  
I hope this helps.
Mary Lee

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