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We use Surgipath plus slides and our sections are attracted extremely well.
In fact if we mess up picking them up we have to wipe the slide really good
or make a new slide they attract so well.  We have had no problems what so
ever witht the Surgipath plus slides keeping tissues attached to them for
routine H&E's, routine specials or immunos.
We use plain distilled water in our baths.
Hope you solve your problem.

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When using plus slides shouldn't the sections almost attract the slide when
picked up on the water bath and not easily float off again.  I'm using VWR,
and Surgipath  plus slides that act just like regular un-charged slides.
I'll pick up sections, let them remain on the slide for several seconds then
float the sections right off the slide.  Is that odd for plus slides.  Some
I've used in the past certainly attracted the section w/o floating off
again.  I'm asking because I've been trying to correct a minor problem I'm
having with sections detatching during routine staining.

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