[Histonet] xylene vs. xylene substitutes

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I would think that if housekeeping personnel are handling waste xylene, 
they would be subject to STEL monitoring - I'll betcha this hasn't been 
done.  Also, one would hope that they are trained in the use of 
anti-static devices when decanting such a volatile solution into a 55 gal 
drum.  One static spark is all it takes.  boom.

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We have been using Thermo's Histosolve for approx. 12 years now and love 

I have another Xylene related question to pose:

What is everyone doing with their Xylene waste if you don't have a 
We don't have much but what we do have we use a 5 gal. catch can with a
saftey lid.  When that is full we have housekeeping take it and dump it in 
55 gal. drum.  When the drum is full we have a waste hauler come and take 
away.  Risk Management is questioning our decision to have housekeeping
transfer it into the drum.  I would appreciate your comments on this. 


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I was wondering what kind of experience people have had with xylene
substitutes. I work in a medium-volume hospital laboratory that would like
to change to a xylene substitute wherever we can without compromising
quality. It probably would have no effect on the tissue processors, but 
about the automatic stainer (I should mention that we have a Sakura tape
coverslipper)?  Hemo-D is not an option because some employees have
hypersensitivity to it, but how about Americlear or any others?

Tina Mrosla
tmmrosla <@t> healtheast.org

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